Chic Creep on Twitter

With the new store opening right around the corner. I’ve made a twitter page for it. You can look on that page to get updates on the shop and participate in giveaways and more.

Follow @ChicCreep to get up to date with your newest source for handcrafted accessories.

@ChicCreep @ChicCreep @ChicCreep @ChicCreep

P.s. My birthday is on Saturday, hooray!


New Ideas for the New Year

Over the years I’ve. Had a knack for making jewelry, from bracelets, to earrings, you name it. People have always told me I should sell the things that I make however, I never considered it. The holiday season really opened my eyes to the diversity if my skills and really got me thinking that I could actually start a business doing crafts.

With the new year drawing near I’ve decided to try something I’ve never done before.

I will be opening an online store with things that I’ve handmade.

Stay tuned the shop should be up within the month with cool gizmos, I’ll be using the blog to update you with contests, promos, and more.

This new year will be a start of great things.

Happy New Year!!!

Ps. My birthday is in 6 days!!!