Find Your Life Path Number – Numerology 101

I’ve always had a love for astrology and pseudosciences. (Shoutouts to my Capricorns) I keep up with my horoscope everyday. Its truly fascinating how they seem so aligned with your life. Although, recently I came across a little thing called Numerology. Numerology is the study of numbers and how in certain variations of them can reflect altitudes and character. Basically, it’s astrology with math involved. It’s is one of the easiest and oldest pseudomaths around. Each letter of the alphabet is put into numeric al value that I related to some cosmic tendency.

Life Path numbers are one of the most important aspects in Numerology, these numbers represent a great deal about your character, purpose in life, what motivates, and where talents may lie. Like your zodiac sign. All you need is someone’s birthday and you can unlock all the mysteries life has in store for them.

To calculate your Life Path number you will need your birthday month, day, and year. (I will use mine to give you an example) Your main goal is to get the numbers down to a sum between 1-9.

1. Add the month and day together

2. Keep the number your month and day equal in your mind and add the digits of the year you were born together.

3. Add the sums of both the numbers together.

4. Add the digits from the sum together (if you have a number between 1-9 at step 3 STOP, you are already done)

5. If you still have a double digit number keep breaking it down until you get a single digit number.

Congrats, you’ve found your life path number, but what does it mean exactly? Click the link with your life path number to find out.

Life Path 1
Life Path 2
Life Path 3
Life Path 4
Life Path 5
Life Path 6
Life Path 7
Life Path 8
Life Path 9

Give it a try, find out your mothers, friends, husbands, or anyone else’s life path number. It’s fun for you and your family.