4 Ways to Stay at Your Best When You Aren’t at Your Worst: The Cure for Keeping NYE Resolutions

The new year brings hope to people. We promise ourself its going to be a “new year, new you”. We begin the first couple months pushing to achieve those goals, but somewhere along the way you become less focused on what you set out to do for the year. To help you stay productive when you feel things are getting foggy I have put together some helpful tips to help you stay at your best when you aren’t at your lowest.

Keep constant reminders of your goals. Keep a clear mind of what you want to do and what kind of outcome you want to achieve from it. Make a production board with goals you would like to achieve in a certain amount of time, or keep an agenda to monitor tasks. Make sure these canvasses are in places you see on a daily basis for instance, your office desk, on a board in your room, post-its around the house, somewhere that your goals can be a constant reminder to you.

Focus on your priorities. Be sure that at least one of you actions in your day is an important and beneficial factor to what you want to do and and the outcome you want. Make a list of what you can do to achieve those goals and work at those tasks accordingly.

Delay Distractions. If you want simplicity when goal setting the best thing to do is to delay distractions. Don’t let little things get in the way if your goals. If you want to get copies of your project printed on Tuesday, don’t deter yourself from getting that done because your friend called to hang out. Im all for the “Work hard, play hard” routine however, make sure your priorities are accomplished BEFORE engaging in recreational activities.

Think positive. Keep your head up. You’re working toward bettering yourself for the future what’s there to be negative about? The moment you feel the slightest bit out doubt tell yourself why you’ve been doing these goals. You do them for your benefit, to make you a happier person, and accomplish things you didn’t think you could do. The only thing that can stop you from being the best person you can be is YOU. Try to absorb and exert good vibes from the people around you to receive a more positive attitude.

The path the keeping track of your goals for the new year can be tricky but with an extra push and a little organization, you can do anything you put your mind to. Comment with some of your tips to staying on track when you have a goal.


Starting Over

The new year is coming up, and since the apocalypse didn’t happen now we have to start to thinking of last minute resolutions that we probably won’t stick to.
I’ve never been one for resolutions, heck I don’t even stay awake on New Years. However, this year I can switch things up a bit.
I’ve thought of two resolutions so far and they are:

1. First up is going to be to start over. To finally slap myself in the face and get my shit together. Not that my life’s not together, however it could use some fine tuning. I’ve started the process by removing the old posts on this blog. Because my writing could be alot better than those posts.

2. Quit over stressing myself – I have a habit of making a small thing into a very big thing. I’ve already toned it down on beating myself up after I don’t get a test grade that I wanted. Then freaking out at the possibility that I may fail on my next assignment. I have to realize I’m not perfect, and taking the time to try to not make mistakes is overrated.

This past year made me learn a lot about myself and my capabilities. The best thing for me to do with those revelations is to do something useful. I feel there’s only up from here.

Happy Holidays,
XOXO Kyndra