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Creep Show of the Week: The Scavenger’s Daughter

This is a new feature for Chic Creep we’ll be having a creepy contraption, person, viral entity, and then some. The first creepshow is the Scavengers Daughter.


Scavenger’s Daughter (or Skevington’s Daughter) was invented as an instrument of torture in the reign of Henry VIII by Sir Leonard Skeffington, Lieutenant of the Tower of London,[1] a son of Sir William Skeffington, Lord Deputy of Ireland, and his first wife, Margaret Digby. It was an A-frame shaped metal rack to which the head was strapped to the top point of the A, the hands at the midpoint and the legs at the lower spread ends; swinging the head down and forcing the knees up in a sitting position so compressed the body has to force the blood from the nose and ears.

Source: Wikipedia

It’s crazy some of the things that people used back in the day. If you have any creepy stories you want to share, you, your blog, or your business want to be featured yourself email chiccreep@gmail.com to get started
Come back once a week for your next creep show.

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Find Your Life Path Number – Numerology 101

I’ve always had a love for astrology and pseudosciences. (Shoutouts to my Capricorns) I keep up with my horoscope everyday. Its truly fascinating how they seem so aligned with your life. Although, recently I came across a little thing called Numerology. Numerology is the study of numbers and how in certain variations of them can reflect altitudes and character. Basically, it’s astrology with math involved. It’s is one of the easiest and oldest pseudomaths around. Each letter of the alphabet is put into numeric al value that I related to some cosmic tendency.

Life Path numbers are one of the most important aspects in Numerology, these numbers represent a great deal about your character, purpose in life, what motivates, and where talents may lie. Like your zodiac sign. All you need is someone’s birthday and you can unlock all the mysteries life has in store for them.

To calculate your Life Path number you will need your birthday month, day, and year. (I will use mine to give you an example) Your main goal is to get the numbers down to a sum between 1-9.

1. Add the month and day together

2. Keep the number your month and day equal in your mind and add the digits of the year you were born together.

3. Add the sums of both the numbers together.

4. Add the digits from the sum together (if you have a number between 1-9 at step 3 STOP, you are already done)

5. If you still have a double digit number keep breaking it down until you get a single digit number.

Congrats, you’ve found your life path number, but what does it mean exactly? Click the link with your life path number to find out.

Life Path 1
Life Path 2
Life Path 3
Life Path 4
Life Path 5
Life Path 6
Life Path 7
Life Path 8
Life Path 9

Give it a try, find out your mothers, friends, husbands, or anyone else’s life path number. It’s fun for you and your family.


This was an exceptional read. For new bloggers these are some helpful tips to get the most out of your writing.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. --Ernest Hemingway

When I surpassed 50 followers, I wrote a post thanking all my readers for listening, and got a lot of feedback. I got asked how I created a blog that 50 people thought was worth reading in just 2 months, so I decided to make this post. (Not that I think my blog is super great or anything. Cause I don’t. I just try to make something that I would want to read.) So here are some ideas that might help take your blog to the next level.

Actually, I liked that thing I just said. Let’s make that #1.

1. Make a blog you would want to read.

This is your space. You have freedom to make it something that is 100% uniquely you. So don’t be afraid to change things that aren’t working for you to make it better. I’ve redone my “About Me” page, which should be…

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4 Ways to Stay at Your Best When You Aren’t at Your Worst: The Cure for Keeping NYE Resolutions

The new year brings hope to people. We promise ourself its going to be a “new year, new you”. We begin the first couple months pushing to achieve those goals, but somewhere along the way you become less focused on what you set out to do for the year. To help you stay productive when you feel things are getting foggy I have put together some helpful tips to help you stay at your best when you aren’t at your lowest.

Keep constant reminders of your goals. Keep a clear mind of what you want to do and what kind of outcome you want to achieve from it. Make a production board with goals you would like to achieve in a certain amount of time, or keep an agenda to monitor tasks. Make sure these canvasses are in places you see on a daily basis for instance, your office desk, on a board in your room, post-its around the house, somewhere that your goals can be a constant reminder to you.

Focus on your priorities. Be sure that at least one of you actions in your day is an important and beneficial factor to what you want to do and and the outcome you want. Make a list of what you can do to achieve those goals and work at those tasks accordingly.

Delay Distractions. If you want simplicity when goal setting the best thing to do is to delay distractions. Don’t let little things get in the way if your goals. If you want to get copies of your project printed on Tuesday, don’t deter yourself from getting that done because your friend called to hang out. Im all for the “Work hard, play hard” routine however, make sure your priorities are accomplished BEFORE engaging in recreational activities.

Think positive. Keep your head up. You’re working toward bettering yourself for the future what’s there to be negative about? The moment you feel the slightest bit out doubt tell yourself why you’ve been doing these goals. You do them for your benefit, to make you a happier person, and accomplish things you didn’t think you could do. The only thing that can stop you from being the best person you can be is YOU. Try to absorb and exert good vibes from the people around you to receive a more positive attitude.

The path the keeping track of your goals for the new year can be tricky but with an extra push and a little organization, you can do anything you put your mind to. Comment with some of your tips to staying on track when you have a goal.